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PAL Mattress and Merino Wool package PLUS gift
PAL Mattress and Merino Wool package PLUS gift
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Biocel Indulgence

 Luxury quilted cover
Sleepmatters Product rating 5
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Product details  

  • Best selling Biocel mattress
  • Supports your body in your ideal position
  • 100% Biocel medical grade foam core
  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Ideal for all sleepers 
  • Reduces pressure points
  • Independent support, eliminates roll together
  • 20cm/8 inches deep

Memory foam, Springs or Biocel medical grade foam, its a simple choice?
Unlike memory foam that responds to a change in body or room temperature, Biocel contours naturally and perfectly to your individual body shape. Reacting in unison to your individual movement, Biocel mattresses ensure correct and consistent support at all times.

Unlike springs, Biocel medial grade foam supports each sleeper independently, eliminating roll together completely. In addition to this, there are no pressure points from out of date metal springs.

Isn't it time you started to enjoy deep restorative sleep, every night?

The Biocel Mattress Story

Our European neighbours realised many years ago that good quality foam mattresses provide a number of significant benefits when compared to spring mattresses. Better support, a reduction in pressure points, improved overall comfort and eliminates roll together.

The Biocel foam mattress is a hugely popular brand in Europe. The secret of its success is simple - the quality of the medical grade foam core. The premium medical grade foam core provides longer lasting comfort, unrivalled support, resulting in better sleep. 

Manufactured and available in the UK

One leading UK foam manufacturer is now supplying this premium medical grade foam to Biocel allowing cost effective production for domestic use mattresses. It is only be available from a select number of UK retailers and Sleep-matters are proud to be the first.

The Biocel mattress range

Biocel Sensation Airflow mattress
Cooling airflow channels across the mattress surface, encourage an increase in air movement beneath the sleepers. This increased airflow, results in better temperature regulation and a reduction in perspiration. 

These same air channels provide the unique sensation of absolute luxury combined with unrivalled support. The result is the Sensation, our mot desirable mattress to date.

Biocel Indulgence
Our best selling Biocel mattress provides a comfortable yet supportive medium to firm feel. Ideal for all sleepers, as it has the capability to contour to everyone's unique body shape or size. 

Biocel Classic mattress
Benefiting from the same premium Biocel medical grade foam core as all mattresses in the range, at an even more affordable price. A full 6 inches deep the Classic is ideally suited to lighter or younger sleepers without compromising on comfort or support. 

Biocel Original Orthopaedic mattress
The firm feel of the Original mattress is the secret of its success. Biocel foam has few rivals when it comes to selecting the ideal mattress core.

Biocel Orthopeadic Merino top mattress
Combining the firm and supportive feel of the Biocel Original Orthopaedic mattress with the 100% Merino wool topper was a great success for many of the European Blanket Factory presentation companies. By upgrading the original idea to include a double sided detachable Merino wool topper provides more flexibility, extends the life of the mattress and allows airing and cleaning of the wool topper. - why choose us?

We supply quality products aimed at meeting the high expectations of our valued customers at competitive prices. We achieve this whilst retaining an old fashioned approach to customer service.

This philosophy has allowed to develop an enviable reputation for successful online retailing, and to deliver ‘genuine’ customer satisfaction. Something that we are all too aware is not always achieved with online shopping!

  • Total depth: 20cm / 8 inches
  • Mattress core: Premium grade Biocel foam
  • Cover: Dry clean only *May differ to image shown
  • Colour: Cream
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Origin: Manufactured in the UK
  • Complies with UK fire regulations BS7177