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Biocel Orthopaedic Merino top mattress
Biocel Orthopaedic Merino top mattress
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Classic Eliocel Vacuum Flex MED/FIRM combination mattress

 Upgraded to Softknit Diamond quilted
Sleepmatters Product rating 5+
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Product details  

  • As demonstrated by PAL Promotions
  • Unique Dual Firmness Medium/Firm Combination mattress
  • Manufactured in the UK to full British specification

  • One side MEDIUM one side FIRM
  • Eliocel foam technology
  • Eliminates roll together
  • Vacuum Packed for convenience
  • Hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites
  • One of our best sellers
  • Exclusive to sleep-matters in the UK

The Classic Eliocel Vacuum Flex Story

Our European neighbours realised many years ago that good quality foam mattresses provide a number of significant benefits when compared to spring mattresses. Better support, a reduction in pressure points, improved overall comfort and eliminates roll together.

The Eliocel foam mattress is a very popular choice in Europe. Manufactured to a high specification the quality of the foam core provides good support an outlasting most other mattresses at this price point. 

Demonstrated extensively by PAL Promotions in Spain, Portugal and Italy has created a demand in the UK. We are delighted to say it is now manufactured to British specification in the UK

Now Manufactured and available in the UK

Soft furnishings (including mattresses) sold in the UK have always been subject to significantly more stringent safety regulations than those in Europe.  These British standard regulations result in a much higher manufacturing cost to produce similar quality product. The result has seen low quality products to achieve affordable prices for the large volume retailers.

One leading UK manufacturer is now producing the Eliocel foam mattress to British standard specification, at affordable and competitive prices. We are proud to say that the Classic Eliocel is currently exclusive to sleep-matters in the UK.

The Classic Eliocel Vacuum Flex range

The Classic Eliocel Vaccum Flex Combination Med/Firm mattress
The Eliocel foam core adapts to your individual weight and shape. The MEDIUM (30D) side contours to your body shape providing support and comfort whilst the FIRM (40D) side offers a firmer feel with increased support.

The Eliocel Vacuum Flex Orthopaedic mattress
The firmer feel of the Orthopaedic mattress is one of the firmest mattress options we offer. Provides firm support and reduces significantly any sinking in feeling experienced with softer mattress. 

The Eliocel Vacuum Flex Comfort mattress
The Comfort option provides a softer and more forgiving mattress contouring to your body shape and supporting you gently whilst you sleep. - why choose us?

We supply quality products aimed at meeting the high expectations of our valued customers at competitive prices. We achieve this whilst retaining an old fashioned approach to customer service.

This philosophy has allowed to develop an enviable reputation for successful online retailing, and to deliver ‘genuine’ customer satisfaction. Something that we are all too aware is not always achieved with online shopping!

  • Cover: Upgraded Softknit Diamond quilted
  • Cover: Dry clean only *May differ to image shown
  • Colour: Cream
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Origin: Manufactured in the UK
  • Complies with UK fire regulations BS7177

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